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Sumava [ Tourist Region ]

07 CHODSKO 06 ŠUMAVA - VÝCHOD Turistický region Šumava
The Sumava tourism region is a large forested mountain area about 20 km long. It extends along the south west border of the Czech Republic with Germany and Austria.

The mountains and hills of Sumava (which has been proclaimed a national park) and Cesky les along with beautiful scenery offer ideal conditions for hiking and cycling in summer and for skiing in winter. In the summer season you can discover fascinating natural phenomena, deep forests, peaceful valleys, mountain meadows and torrents, melancholy lakes, moors and peat-bogs. This landscape provides a lot of views to mountain ridges and almost virgin environment. Marked tourist paths help to guide your way. In the winter season Sumava offers in its resorts excellent conditions for winter sports. A number of well adapted downhill slopes and tracked routes for cross-country skiing are located in a beautiful mountain area in the environs of Zelezna Ruda, Spicak, Zadov, Churanov, Nové Hute or Kvilda. In the region you can also visit excellent sights, especially examples of folk architecture, which is typical for this mountain area, as well as small picturesque towns and romantic ruins of former watch castles.



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